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Eclipto, Mar 9, 12 10:37 AM.
5capped.com is not up and running. We are in need of a lot of articles. If you wish to submit an article, please send it to shadow@5capped.com. Please note: when writing, you may not copy or use any posted material from any other source.

Team Razer

Eclipto, Mar 5, 12 12:01 PM.
With much anticipation, 5 Capped is proud to announce we are now a part of Team Razer!

RBG Push

Eclipto, Feb 28, 12 1:45 PM.
Effective March 1: We will be making a hard push to rating. If you cannot commit to 5 days a week and at least 3 hrs a day to this, please do not sign up. I am going to be running the group up to 2200+ in 3-4 weeks time but this will require everyone in the group to show up consistantly.


Sakate, Feb 23, 12 1:31 AM.
If you are interested in joining 5capped, visit the Forums to access the applications.

5capped.com nearly built

Eclipto, Feb 21, 12 8:51 PM.
We're looking for a few contributors to give some class info and get our strategies posted, then we can go public. If interested, please contact me though skype, in game, or email at shadowheallz@5capped.com
Welcome to the 5 Capped Guild Website

we have a $10 a month sponcership from trinity gaming for a team speak server that really isnt that great and well to be honest we should pay for something better      
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RE: onorochimaru's destroyer's end 10 man core team onorochimaru33 4/1/2012 4:53 PM
onorochimaru's destroyer's end 10 man core team onorochimaru33 4/1/2012 2:16 PM
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Team Chicken xlehman78 3/7/2012 8:59 AM
Recruiting for various cr RBG groups as well as PVE raid teams. Visit the respective forum for more information.
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